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Global Arbitration And Mediation Service (GAMS) Provides Fair, Just, Simple, Quick And Effective Dispute Resolution


What separates us from the competition? ……………………. You decide.

We have been involved in dispute resolution for 18 years. Our staff and panels are comprised of persons with the training and experience to provide the best, most just result possible.

Our staff consists of professionals, seriously committed to providing the best dispute resolution service possible. We are guided by our rules, policies and our desire to provide a just resolution, regardless of who the participant's are or the nature of the dispute.

Our Effective Dispute Resolution system ("EDR") is designed to provide maximum flexibility. Our rules allow the participants to custom tailor the procedure and timing to best accommodate their schedules and minimizing disruption to their businesses. We also administer arbitrations pursuant to any set of rules or agreements provided by the parties.

Confidentiality is one of the key benefits to ADR. Confidentiality is one of our prime concerns. Our rules and policies provide for maximum confidentiality for all participants. Our Total Resolution Service ("TRS") even provides for payment so there is never any public judicial record or proceedings.

Our system performs more than 3 checks for conflicts of interest before a hearing arbitrator is ever allowed to view any of the case files. Furthermore, all pre hearing matters are decided by our presiding arbitrator, so that the arbitrator rendering the award views the matter free of preconceptions and there is no possibility for any personal conflicts to arise.

Our rules and procedures were drafted to eliminate the typical zones of interpretation and contention so that they are simple and clear. This minimizes time and expense for all participants, after all, the parties want the main dispute resolved and not to become embroiled in non dispositive minutia.

Cost Effectiveness
We understand that businesses need to focus their resources on their business. Our pricing is the most cost effective in the industry. We have created our entire system to resolve the dispute with an absolute minimum of fees and costs.

It is an old business maxim: Time is Money. Our system was created to provide the fastest resolution possible consistent with a fair process. Each phase has a deadline and even with extensions the parties know exactly what is due and when, there is no game playing and stalling under our system.

Whether it is an arbitration or mediation, our staff is dedicated to helping you resolve your dispute in a fast fair and efficient manner. We go the extra mile to resolve your disputes. The dedication to resolution is key to our success.

In mediations, our experienced professionals have the utmost patience and will not stop until there is an agreement between the parties.

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mediation conciliation dispute resolution mediators services
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