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We undertake an assessment with each person separately participating in mediation to establish the most safe and appropriate way to mediate. Sometime same room is possible and for other couples the mediation would be in separate rooms. Rhino Mediation

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Online Dispute Resolution

Online dispute resolution is nothing new to us. The Internet has revolutionized how people share information and communicate with each other. We take full advantage of the cost effectiveness and efficiency offered by online communications.

The GAMS arbitration system does not require any special rules or procedures in order to resolve disputes online. There are no limitations or restrictions with our “Effective Dispute Resolution” system (EDR). Our system maximizes online technology to resolve disputes simply, efficiently and cost effectively.

We always try to anticipate and accommodate the needs of our clients. As a convenience to our customers, we utilize as many different types of communication as possible to expedite the resolution process and to keep costs down.

· We serve notices via email

· We accept documents via fax or email.

· If getting all the parties together for a hearing is difficult, we can do it via videoconference or teleconference (if the parties agree).

· If a hearing is not needed we can expedite the dispute resolution process even faster.

· We issue awards via email.

Our goal is always to resolve conflicts as justly, fairly, quickly and efficiently as possible. We call this "Effective Dispute Resolution" (EDR).


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mediation conciliation dispute resolution mediators services
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