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Global Arbitration And Mediation Service (GAMS) Provides Fair, Just, Simple, Quick And Effective Dispute Resolution


Disputes Types

While GAMS can provide its Effective Dispute Resolution Services in any context, for any type of dispute, we have listed below the types of disputes we see most frequently:

Business-To-Business Disputes
Commercial Disputes
Construction Defect Disputes
Consumer Disputes
Contract Disputes
Contractor Disputes (General/Sub Contractors) (Contractors/Suppliers) (Contractor/Property Owner)
Customer Service Disputes
Domain Name Disputes
Employment Disputes (Employee Compensation) (Employee Safety) (Employee Performance)
Fee Disputes (Legal Fees) (Professional Fees)
Film Licensing/Royalty Disputes
Financial Disputes (Collections, Non Payment Issues)
Home Improvement Disputes (Owner/Contractor)
Housing Disputes (Landlord/Tenant)
Insurance Disputes (Insurer/Insured And Subrogation)
Intellectual Property (Patents Trademarks And Copyrights)
International Disputes
Lending Disputes
Manufacturer/Distributor Disputes
Manufacturer/Supplier Disputes
Merger and Acquisition Disputes
Music Licensing/Royalty Disputes
Offshore Disputes (Contract Manufacturing) (Software Development)
Product Disputes (Product Performance) (Product Liability) (Product Licensing)
Real Estate Broker Commissions (Entitlement And Amount)
Real Property Disputes (Easements, Homeowners Assoc., Adjoining Landowner Problems)
Sales Commission Disputes (Entitlement And Amount)
Service Disputes (Auto Repairs) (Maintenance)
Software Licensing/Royalty Disputes
Investment Disputes (Stock Broker/Investor) (Financial Adviser/Investor)
Supply Chain Disputes
Trade Disputes (Import/Export)
Transportation Disputes (Shipper/Carrier)
Warranty Disputes

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mediation conciliation dispute resolution mediators services
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