Rune Meditations FA for Prosperity/Prosperity

For the initially time you can now combine the Historical Wisdom of the Runes with the electric power of Quantum Physics to appeal to prosperity.

I believe in the electrical power of the Common Artistic Energies termed the RUNES. The electric power of the Legislation of Attraction. The Regulation of 3. The Regulation of Resonant Frequencies. All regulations you can now use to recreate your existence the way you want it.

All these rules are now fully spelled out in the fashionable day language, known as Quantum Physics. Our ancestors and the contemporary working day metaphyscians termed these doing work laws The Brain of God.

By consciously using these legislation we can adjust our future, and our life, to consist of more abundance, health and happiness.

Runic energies are the most effective way to do this.

I am sharing with you my 25 decades of rune perform. I will use the modern day languages of energy and Quantum Physics.

Runes, Rune-Meditations, Rune-Magic, Rune-Yoga are all part of the great truth of Development.


You will notice that there is a fantastic similarity involving this meditation and the meditation for health and fitness. I am a business believer in repetition. The extra you see a little something, the faster you will grasp it

What you about to read through, about runic energies, you will not come across on any where by else. This is the very first time RUNES are offered from a strictly electrical power level of watch.

To follow this runic breathing exercise you do not will need any ritualistic paraphernalia. All you will need to have is to print out the outsized rune you will discover at the this lesson.

It is greatest to print it out on challenging card stock, it will very last more time.

For this runic breathing work out we will use RUNE-FA . The Rune of cell wealth.

To start, sit easily in your beloved chair. It is very best if attainable to use the same chair everyday for your runic meditations. In this way the chair will become imbued and charged with runic energies. After awhile, just sitting in the chair will convey you the experience of peace and calm.

Loosen up, do not pressure. Breathe slowly and gradually and deeply Do not be worried if you are carrying out it suitable or incorrect. Do not be anxious if you are satisfying or displeasing a god/goddess. It is not a ritual. It is about attracting rune energies.

It is your individual rune-meditation-for-prosperity respiration work out. It is electrical power and vibrations.

Exactly where you area your awareness your strength flows. You actually touch what you think about, and it will contact you back again. When you location your interest on the runes in the Quantum Ocean their energies will stream to you. You are undertaking an strength transfer.


The runic prosperity vitality that you are about to entice has to have a certain target, a unique position to move to. You will now put together you to mentally acquire these energies into your individual electricity field (AURA.)

At the time your private vitality field is billed with this runic electrical power then you can mentally produce whatever suggests to this wealth that you need

Or, you can permit this rune energy circulate throughout your human body and energy fields, charging just about every cell in your physique with the drive for wealth electricity.

Or, you can mentally send runic electricity to a person at a length to enable their wealth method to begin.

This is recognised as magic at a length.

Your thoughts is a incredibly effective radionic instrument, if it is made use of correctly. Visualization is a person of its most creative resources. It is effective exceptionally nicely with runic energies.

We are not heading to connect any magical, mystical, religious, spiritual or magic formula meanings to our runic breathing exercise routines. We are basically heading to think of it as our person strength method workout. It is into this middle pillar procedure of energies that we will pour our runic energies..

You can visualize your 5 power chakras as basketball dimension spheres.

These five chakras are :

* CROWN CHAKRA basketball sphere 4″ above your head.

* THROAT CHAKRA basketball sphere in neck and throat place.

* Heart CHAKRA basketball sphere in heart space.

* GENITAL CHAKRA basketball sphere in genital spot.

* Ground CHAKRA basketball sphere in your ft area.

These 5 chakras are lined up in the heart of your human body. There is a 3″ tube connecting every single 1. This way the runic electricity can move from the crown chakra to the ground chakra.

Physical exercise

Sit quietly and visualize your center pillar strength process inside you.

Visualize an infinite ocean of power, the Quantum Ocean all all over you. Use regardless of what visualization you want. This is not a prayer nor a sacred ritual to the gods/goddesses. You are unable to do it wrong. This is your possess customized runic vitality therapeutic exercise.

Maintain the substantial FA cardboard rune in your lap with both arms.

Seem at it. As you location your interest on the runic symbol on your lap the FA vitality from the Quantum Ocean will start to flow to you.

Your runic electrical power need to have a focus on, a area to go. This is where most learners make their oversight. You should give the strength a unique concentrate on.

The runic electricity target will be your Middle Pillar Power Process .

Now little by little and steadily, although wanting at the FA rune symbol, breath this vitality into oneself. Breath it in as if it were a excellent flowing stream of mild.

Intone (say mentally to you)

“I am now inhaling the PROSPERITY runic energy of FA, from the Quantum Ocean into my crown chakra (4″ basketball sphere above your head.”)

By utilizing your psychological powers you manage the runic strength trade from the Quantum Ocean to your power fields.

Mentally see this runic energy flowing from the Quantum Ocean into your crown chakra. See your crown chakra fill up with this vitality.

Take a minute and really feel and visualize this crown chakra complete of runic prosperity strength. Do not rush.

As you advance in your scientific studies you will study to use hues also.

For now it is suffice to use white light. But make it a dynamic, sparkling white mild.

Intone three instances.

Just take a deep breath every time, seem at FA rune in your arms.

The runic electrical power in the crown chakra will now commence to move down the 3″ tube and start off to fill your throat chakra.

When your throat chakra is entire of runic power, see this energy flowing down the 3″ tube into your coronary heart chakra.

When you heart chakra is entire, see the energy flowing down the 3″ tube into your genetal chakra.

When your genital chakra is complete, see the strength flowing down to your floor (toes) chakra.

Acquire a couple of minutes and sit in your center pillar of runic prosperity energies. See this abundant white FA vitality filling all of your 5 spheres (chakras) and your center pillar.

Circulate THE FA RUNIC Strength

Start out to circulate the dollars strength all over your system.

Visualize a 3″ stream of this white light flowing out of your crown chakra and flowing down the entrance of your physique.

This 3″ electrical power flows down your facial area, your chest, your tummy, your genetals, your legs, to your ft and toes.

Then under your ft and up your heels, your calves, your thighs, your buttocks, your backbone, your neck, again of head and back again into your crown chakra.

You now have a flowing ring of runic cash vitality flowing down the front of your physique and up the again. You have the to start with ring of power about your human body.

Next RING OF Power

Commence a second stream of energy out of your crown chakra down the remaining side of your head, your ear, your shoulder, your arm, your hip, your thigh, your leg, your ankle.

Less than your ft and up the suitable aspect. Your ankle, thigh, hip, shoulder, ear and back again into the crown chakra.

Third STREAM OF Energy

From your heart chakra visualize a 3rd 3″ movement of vitality coming out of your heart. Let it stream to about just one foot in entrance of you.

Now circle it clockwise about your body from left to suitable.

Allow us end here for a second. This may well sound extremely complicated. It is not. Soon after some observe you will be able to do the total center pillar therapeutic training in 15 minutes.

Fifteen minutes after a day to boost your health, prosperity and contentment. This is a compact value to pay.

Bear in mind we are dealing with energies. Vitality flows. That is what we are performing, acquiring the energy out of the Quantum Ocean to move to you and into you

You have now established 3 rings of flowing runic energy all-around your overall body.

One around the entrance of your human body from crown chakra to ft and up your again.

A single about your overall body from left side of crown chakra down the remaining side of your physique. Up the ideal side of your physique and back again into the crown chakra.

Just one around your middle, clockwise.

Now broaden these 3 rings so that you fill your aura, which is just one foot from your entire body. See and fill your aura complete of white prosperity runic light-weight. Overlook about the 3 rings and concentrate on your aura getting complete.

This is your egg formed auric shell. This is where by all prosperity begins.

You usually have an aura encompassing you. Most people have aura’s that are very near to their body like a pair of pantyhose. We want to broaden our auras out so that they are surrounding us at minimum one foot from our bodes all all-around us. This gives us a lot more vitality and far more defense.

By continuing your respiration physical exercises your aura will get stronger and more powerful. Your well being and very well getting will also boost as your aura will get more powerful.


(1) Give your self a general prosperity healing session?

(2) Deliver prosperity electricity to a certain enterprise?

(3) Send this prosperity power to a mate or beloved a person? (length does not subject)


Consider a deep breath and mentally intone:

“I am now inhaling this strong runic FA strength into each individual cell of my actual physical, psychological, emotional and religious bodies.”

Really feel the strength from your auric shell moving into your human body and filling each and every cell.


Choose a next breath and repeat intonation.


Acquire a third breath and repeat intonation.


Now sit quietly as your auric shell, which is filled with FA wealth power, prices each cell of your overall body.

Sit as long as you like.

Give a silent thank you to the Rune FA .

Know that the Rune Meditation for Prosperity is at work as you go about your business

Send THE FA RUNIC PROSPERITY Electrical power TO A Organization OR Income Generating Chance

Enable us say you have a certain small business or cash earning system that you want to send prosperity power to.

Permit us say that you are worried about your web-site organization.

When you are sitting in your chair with your auric shell total of runic FA energy, consider a deep breath and intone mentally:

“I am now sending the potent prosperity power of the FA rune into each fawcett of my webiste business enterprise.”

Visualize the white glowing energy in your aura flowing into your web site. Visualize your web-site on the monitor in entrance of you. Your site as significantly as the Quantum Ocean is concerned is a dwelling entity. All residing entities give off and bring in vitality. Handle it as if it was alive and ship it prosperity electricity.

All over again 3 breaths.

3 and 9 are the magical multiples when utilizing the runes.

Sit as extensive as you like and enjoy the felling of effectively remaining that this transfer of power among you and your web site will deliver you.

You can do it as frequently as you like.

You can use this respiration exercising and send out the vitality to any small business or revenue earning plan you have.

We are conversing about vitality. The stunning simplicity of this exercise is that we are attracting vitality out of the Quantum Ocean (Mind OF GOD). We are then applying our minds to immediate this prosperity energy to the place it is necessary.


Ship prosperity power to the company of a friend or a beloved 1. Existence-drive knows no length barrier. It does not vacation like electricity does in our 3 dimensional earth. The only length in the world of Lifestyle-power (Quantum Ocean) is similarities of form.

When you believe of your cherished kinds organization you established up a mental connection. The considered of your beloved kinds enterprise in your intellect is your loved ones organization as considerably as Quantum Ocean is anxious.

So, when you feel of it, you are truly creating call. You are touching the organization. Close your eyes and consider of the organization. You are mentally sending it the vitality you have stored in your auric shell. You are touching it with this vitality. There is no length involving their business enterprise and your psychological image of it.

With your aura loaded with the runic FA vitality, just take a deep breath, visualize your beloved ones business in your brain, then exhale slowly but surely by your mouth and see this prosperity FA electrical power flowing out of your mouth and into the auric shell of the business enterprise.

The moment it reaches the auric shell of your friends business it will know where by to go to deliver prosperity.

You can also hold a image or a small business card of your liked ones enterprise in your arms and breathe on it. The prosperity FA electrical power will stream into the picture and into the enterprise.

The Creator God made all his guidelines straightforward . Only person complicates them.

Study all you can about the Legal guidelines of Quantum Physics. The following 2000 many years will be all about energy and electrical power transferring.

You can use runes and the Laws of Quantum Physics to catch the attention of prosperity electricity out of the Quantum Ocean (Intellect of God) and into your lifetime.