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Global Arbitration And Mediation Service (GAMS) Provides Fair, Just, Simple, Quick And Effective Dispute Resolution

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GAMS Confidentiality Policy

We at GAMS appreciate that confidentiality is one of the key reasons businesses select arbitration or mediation to resolve disputes. Your privacy is important to us. The proprietary information of your business is important to us as well. We will do everything possible to keep your business matters as confidential as possible.

It is the policy of GAMS, including all employees and arbitrators, that, absent of a valid legal process issued by a court of competent jurisdiction, NO information or documents will be provided to anyone without the written permission of the parties.

It is also the policy of GAMS that no GAMS employees or arbitrators make any statement to the media relating in any manner to their work or clients of GAMS.

Our rules and agreements prohibit the parties from discussing or releasing any information regarding the conduct, contents or the outcome of the mediation process or arbitration procedure.

We provide the most confidentiality as possible, so you can resolve your dispute without regard to such considerations.





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mediation conciliation dispute resolution mediators services
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