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Global Arbitration And Mediation Service (GAMS) Provides Fair, Just, Simple, Quick And Effective Dispute Resolution

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GAMS Arbitrator Panel

Our panel of arbitrators not only consists of lwayers and retired judges but also business experts that are able to sort out complex business disputes. We have built an arbitration system from the ground up in order to provide effective dispute resolution for businesses. Our arbitrators panel has a broad spectrum of experience and educational backgrounds in order to give GAMS flexibility to assign an arbitrator who will give the parties as just a decision as is humanly possible.

One of the features of our system is that the arbitrator deciding the actual dispute is selected after all of the pre hearing documents and discovery are complete( The hearing arbitrator is not assigned until the matter is completely ready to be presented for decision.). This allows GAMS to select an arbitrator who's education and experience match the dispute.

Another advantage in our system is that all pre hearing disputes are decided by our Presiding Arbitrator. In this manner there are no pre conceptions or perceptions carried into the hearing as a result of any pre hearing issues- All parties are equal at the beginning of the hearing.





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mediation conciliation dispute resolution mediators services
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